Fixed data needs fixing

Data from the 2021 census will inform the government’s funding decisions for homelessness services. This week in Western Australia, census officers will visit areas where people are known to sleep rough, to help them complete the census. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused concern about the government’s collection of data on homelessness during this year’s census. Campaigner for House the Homeless Jesse Noakes says the five-year census makes accurate data collection difficult. “Data is used to

Government urged to act on homeless deaths

The Aboriginal community in Perth has come together outside Parliament house urging Premier Mark McGowan to do more to provide appropriate housing for those facing homelessness. The state budget will be handed down in early September, with campaigners calling for funding to build public housing. A report provided by the Department of Communities found a significant overrepresentation of Indigenous Western Australians in the homeless population. Fifty-six people have died on WA streets in the